Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jobs for Youth 2007 Membership Push Testimonials

On October 13th, Jobs for Youth opened their doors to San Francisco youth providing interview coaching, employment opportunities, and membership incentives. Here are some testimonials from satisfied participants.

"Today was such a good experience. I got great feedback on my interview performance. The workers were friendly and make you feel comfortable."

"Today was a good way to learn how an interview actually goes. They kept it stress free and easy."

"My experience today was great. Kristen made me feel so welcome and open to ask any questions. I liked the constructive criticism she provided, which I know will help me in the future. Thanks!"

"Jobs for Youth is really great! They helped me a lot and I look forward to working with them."

"Jobs for youth created a grand experience for me today. They coached and helped me think of ways to get a career that suites me. Everyone should join."

Check out our News and Events Page for information regarding upcoming events and opportunities.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Interns at Giants Game - July 1st, 2007

The average avid teenage baseball fan would scout around looking for a job and hope that his or her weekly paycheck covers just enough for a decent seat, a mouthwatering jumbo hot dog, two cool 20 oz. bottles of Coke, a #1 fan finger, and a sufficient number of coins for bus fare. As 17-year old interns at United Way of the Bay Area, both Kevin Wong and I, Janice Leung, were granted the privilege to attend a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

We were both ecstatic when we received Giants tickets during the second week of the internship. We also had the opportunity to invite a friend, so that was awesome. Coincidentally, my friend and I are acquainted with Kevin's guest. The day game was held at 1:05pm at AT&T Park, with our megastar rookie, Tim Lincecum starting at pitcher. His appearance, with the backup help of the superb team-offense, produced a stunning win of 13-0. The atmosphere could not have been any better.

The sell-out game had enthusiastic fans screaming and dancing to the chicken dance every time Barry Bonds was at bat. Our adrenaline shot up as we thought he was going to make history with yet another awe-inspiring homerun to chase Hank Aaron’s 756 homerun record. Although he did not hit a homer, he contributed to the team with a double that scored his fellow teammates on base.

The weather was perfect, with a quick, chilly breeze whipping our face every now and then. Our seats were located at the center of the best views in the stadium. We were able to watch kayakers in McCovey Cove wrestle for the ball as it plopped into the water. Overall, our time at the game was just perfect with us indulging in the famous Gordon Biersch Gilory garlic fries.

Janice Leung

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Exploratorium

Just telling you how my first training went! So, it has been one week since I started my first training at The Exploratorium. It was a trypical first day on Saturday. We got to know everyone and the museum and on Sunday we learned how to do magic tricks because we need to know how to do magic tricks for this job. Another 2 weekends before I finish my training and get to work on my own. Thanks for helping me find this job.

Galileo student, age 15

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jobs for Youth Screening Day Testimonials

My participation at the JFY Screening Day was a pleasure! I was interviewed by a very nice person (Vicenta Arrizon) who also gave me feedback on how I did during my interview. She gave me positive feedback and gave me some advise on what I should do if I needed time to think when asked a question. I should pause... and not use the words “like" or "um.” She also took the time to look through my resume and cover letter to make corrections. She helped me fix those errors. Overall, after the interview, I was really glad that I went. The advice Vicenta gave me, I will use for next time because I know she is helping me to become a better communicator and to write my resume and cover letters, which I made for the first time. So it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Everyone that was part of JFY and the volunteers were very helpful and I really appreciate them for doing this for the youth!

- Julie Guintu

I believe that the mock interview I had on the Youth Screening Day was extremely helpful. My interviewer offered helpful constructive criticism regarding large and small issues. She even pointed out mistakes that I had in my cover letter that I didn't even realize myself. Thus, with her help, I was able to polish my resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. I believe that this interview will help me enormously when I go to future interviews. I want to say thanks to Jobs for Youth for offering this opportunity. Thank you!

17 yr old, Lowell High School

Friday, May 11, 2007

Congratulations Jeremy

Hello, I had a great experiance with Jobs for Youth. I loved how easy it was to get interviews and I got lots of offers through them. All I really had to do was choose the best offer and take it. I love the job i have now! I am a Reservations Agent for a very successful cruise company. The job, the people I work with, and the PAY is GREAT!!! I am so happy. Thank You Mayela and Jobs for Youth.

---Jeremy H.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Honoring Emancipated Youth (HEY) and Jobs for Youth (JFY) are community impact projects of United Way of the Bay Area. At the annual HEY Breakfast that was held on May 1st, 2007 JFY worked with the HEY staff as volunteers to show their support for the program, it's mission, and it's youth. HEY Interim Director Sara Razavi had this to say...

"Dear JFY Members and Supporters,

I just must say it… yes I just have to… JFY members and supporters, you have some of the finest people in your corner! The staff at Jobs For Youth: Yuri, Mayela, Kevin, and Ed are all so amazing! Not only are they out there doing the daily work making sure youth in San Francisco have jobs but they also help other agencies so that together we can all do a better job supporting youth in transition! Organizations, like the one I work for - Honoring Emancipated Youth (HEY), a San Francisco based organization providing leadership to the Bay Area foster care ( – are doing a better job because of our partnership with Jobs For Youth!

May is National Foster Care Month and to help kick-off the celebrations, HEY hosted our 4th Annual Foster Youth Connections Breakfast on Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The event celebrated HEY’s work and connected community leaders, foster care provider agencies, and foster youth for a job shadow day. Following the breakfast, youth participants traveled to job sites and shadowed community leaders who had volunteered to host a youth for the day. On this day, each year, local foster youth are connected to professional mentors in a wide range of career fields and this year we were able to introduce the foster youth to Jobs For Youth as well!

60% of foster youth who age out of foster care have no job experience. Many youth, having little or no work experience and limited adult support, are unable to find, acquire, and retain employment. While focused on trying to meet their basic needs, many foster youth never ask the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” However, given the proper support, most foster youth can find and retain employment and excel in the workplace. In fact, youth in foster care who have worked before their 18th birthdays are more likely to graduate from high school and more likely to work after emancipation. The breakfast and following job shadow experience is a first step in helping foster youth to think about their future and envision what they can achieve in life. Again a great big thanks to the Jobs For Youth team for their great work supporting the local foster care youth and making sure they were ready for the day. Jobs For Youth devoted their time as well as a Friday evening two weeks before the event, to make sure the foster youth attending HEY's Breakfast were given every opportunity to have a great day on May 1. Youth came from four of our partner agencies: San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program, Larkin Street Youth Services, First Place for Youth, and San Francisco State University Guardian Scholars Program. Thank you Jobs For Youth for helping foster youth in San Francisco bay area!


Sara Razavi, HEY Director"

Thanks Sara. Anytime.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Behind the Scences: Jobs for Youth Business Breakfast

Hey JFY Members, Partners, Employers and Friends, it's Yuri, JFY Director! On March 7th, 2007, Jobs for Youth reinvigorated an old tradition - the Jobs for Youth Business Breakfast (JFY BB) (formerly known and the JFY Kick-off Breakfast and lovingly referred to as "the Mayor's Breakfast"). It was a very exciting day for the program, the staff and me, and resulted in numerous job pledges being made by San Francisco employers. Here's my "insider" prospective on the whole thing...

The JFY BB was a tradition everyone involved in the planning and operation of the program wanted to see come back. The event is not only an opportunity to generate job pledges for youth, but also excitement for all the youth employment efforts made in our city. (And, as a recent transplant to the area, having lived in several of the countries largest cities, I can say that SF is pretty far ahead of the curve in its commitment to funding and growing youth employment activities. Anyway, back to the breakfast...)

The JFY BB was a labor of love by many people - the JFY staff, several of whom started just days before six weeks of intense planning and implementation began; our colleagues at the United Way of the Bay Area; our supporters in city government, especially the folks at DCYF; our team of Youth Access Point Partners; and of course, a cadre of stellar youth to rock the socks off the employers in the room.

Leading up to the actual day, there were so many decisions to be made - a location, the menu, the design for the agenda, the list of tell you the truth, it was a bit overwhelming and I wasn't always sure we were going to pull it off. (Of course, I couldn't let anyone know this, and found it funny when people would comment on how "calm" I seemed about the whole thing.) Many long hours were put in, including a 11pm run back to the office the night before the event to re-print name tags that had errors, and it paid off.

The day of the breakfast came and went before I knew it. The staff and I meet downstairs in the Marriott at 6am to put out centerpieces, organize check-in tables, and trouble-shoot any last minutes problems. At 6:45, our group of Youth Ambassadors began arriving. I was so proud of this group of young people - ranging in age from 14-24. First of all, everyone arrived on time or early. Secondly, they all looked sharp and were ready to work.

The next hour was kind of a blur. I said hello to many people, kept tabs on speakers to make sure everyone was around and received a ton of sincere praise on how well things were going. At this point, I actually took a minute to look around at what we had accomplished and starting feeling the first tingling of pride, not for myself so much as for the team and the program, both of which were really fledglings, but making great things happen for kids.

The hour+ program flew by. Our fearless JFY Co-Chairs, Michael O'Connor and Marcia Argyris, made beautiful remarks about the program and why businesses should get involved. Eric McDonnell, EVP of UWBA, worked the room with his friendly, engaging speaking style and really solidified in my mind why UWBA is such a great home for JFY as we grow into the program everyone wants us to be. Johnny Parker, a manager at the McKesson Corporation, made some great personal remarks about working with youth. I've received a lot of positive feedback and desire to participate based on his comments (thanks Johnny and I still owe you a hamburger). Anyone who was there couldn't forget the incredible job done by our youth speaker - Lily. My favorite line in her speech was "the bigger the risk, the greater the return," such a simple and powerful message for employers in the room. Finally, Mayor Newsom himself championed the caused. It was pretty incredible to see him up there asking businesses to get involved. (If I had any questions about the level of commitment this program has from the City, they were laid to rest when the Mayor stood up there holding a pledge card.)

When the breakfast was over, we had said our goodbyes and received congratulations, and dreamt of catching up on weeks of lost sleep, I realized - the work is just beginning, now we have to turn those pledges into actual jobs! While I could have gotten overwhelmed, I didn't. I actually got really excited. I thought, "Now I can start doing the work I love- connecting youth with employment and seeing how it changes them and our world for the better (I know I'm a cheese ball, but it's part of my charm)."

So, as we walk away from the success of the JFY BB, I'm happy to report that we received real commitments that day and the staff is working tirelessly everyday to bring each one to fruition. There's no doubt in my mind that we'll reach our goal.

Take care,